Arizona ALGBTIC logo with the 'O' in Arizona supporting the PRIDE colors
AZALGBTIC logo design.
pistons and blue fire
This was a logo that I designed for the company 'Mechanical Masters', located in Texas. Their goal was to have a logo that represented their love of automobiles, as well as the heart of Texas itself.
horse black logo with a horse pendant
This was a logo design concept I produced for the band 'Horse Black'.
Sassy Plants Logo
This was a logo design I did for a client who focuses on baked goods. We decided to incorporate aspects of her craft into the overall design, and make the type appear to be resonating from the skillet.
element logo with the letter 't' suggesting a cross
This is a logo design created for a church youth group. The goal here was to create a sophisticated and contemporary logo that would speak to high-school youth, as well as their parents. It was also necessary that it be clearly indicative of the Christian faith.
Tiger Toolbox logo with a sphere that has tiger stripes
This was a logo I designed for a company that sells very specific dll's to software tool developers. The goal here was to create a logo that incorporated a design element that could then be used as a favicon icon.
be well logo design
This is a logo design I did for a company in Tucson. The goal here was to capture 'restoration' in a logo/icon that uses bright colors and a geometric design element.
T-shirt logo/design comp for the city of Tucson
This is a t-shirt idea I have for the city of Tucson.
Go Big or Go Home Logo Design
This was a logo design that was created for Big Brothers Big Sisters.
a digital illustraiton of a kettlebell with wings
A logo design concept I did for a Crossfit organization.
a logo of an open book with a keyhole in the spine of the book
A logo design I did for a non-profit organization Read Between the Bars.
a logo of a castle resting atop a cloud
A logo I designed for a company specializing in renting jumping castles.