figure in the corner without hands
This piece depicts the dramatic impact that de-industrialization can have on an individual. My goal here was to create a dramatic, yet 'hopeful', representation of a person who can no longer perform the tasks they once were able to do.
portrait composed of molecules
This commissioned piece was made for a client that had received their doctorate in chemistry. By using scientific imagery, my goal here was to create a portrait that captured the essence and passion of this particular individual.
portrait composed of textures
This piece was made to capture the artistic appreciation I have toward traditional genres of art. For this particular piece I chose cubism as a theme, which was inspired by the works of Leonardo Da Vinci.
two men attached fighting with each other
Whether from an evolutionary or a psychological point of view, man is not far removed from animal. This piece depicts the innate internal tension men experience between their instincts and their community. The two male figures, joined at the hip, symbolize the competitive push-pull conflict between his characteristics of civility and his animalistic instincts. Such tension and conflict, which lay dormant within him, reflects the give-and-take relationship between the ongoing cooperation that men must achieve in order to maintain their civilized manner and the manifestation of animalistic characteristics of survival.
 A woman eating a tie composed of meat
The premise for this piece is to depict the notion of a revolt against civilization. The image of the woman represents the idea that we must revolt against the things that we have been told we need in order to be classified as human. Civilization, wealth, and prestige are symbolized by the tie around the woman’s neck, which is firmly grasped with the left hand and being ripped apart by the other. This ‘wild woman’s’ violent actions not only depict the animalistic tendencies of the natural world but the apparent truth that human beings are in constant tension between the idea of the civilized and the uncivilized.
A figure that is neither human or animal, but something inbetween
This piece depicts the ambiguity between the civilized human and the wild animal. The theme of the work is ‘shedding’ the notions of what it means to be categorized as animal and/or man, which is being represented through a figure that cannot be classified as either, as it contains detailed characteristics of both. Have men shed their animalistic tendencies, or animals, that have shed their humanistic traits? The work does not offer a final answer.
A portrait composed of found objects
This portrait was created by using found objects that were gathered by the subject. After picking specific objects that captured who they were as an individual, my goal was to produce a portrait that combined these elements in a visual way.
A figure holding a turtle
This piece was created to depict a scene out of Poe Ballantine’s short story ‘Brassalina’. In this particular moment in the story the main character is about to cook a turtle she had just acquired from the ocean. My goal here was to capture the violent act in a very beautiful and textural way.
Tree with textures
This submission was created for UA Presents as a cover illustration for their 2010–2011 catalogue. Inspired by the performing arts, my goal here was to create a work of art that spoke to the viewer in terms of color, so as to grab their attention immediately.
Tree with textures
This secondary piece was created for UA Presents as a cover illustration for their 2010–2011 catalogue. Inspired by the performing arts, my goal here was to create a work of art that spoke to the viewer in terms of color, so as to grab their attention immediately.
Two figures attached at the arm
This image suggests the intimate impact that one man can have on another. Psychological transference refers to the feelings one person subconsciously projects onto another. Transference can also imply the movement of thoughts and feelings through time, akin to a shift or development. Within our culture, men develop as independent yet interconnected. This piece depicts the transference of thought from one man to another –the development of ideas from thoughts. The image of two men connected at one arm suggests the dramatic possibilities of action –a shift from independence to interconnection. Transference can have positive or negative results.
figure being held from behind
This was piece I created to symbolize the dramatic shift society has undergone with regards to socialization. I wanted to create a figure representing classical ideals, that was being grabbed from behind by a non-identified figure. The larger figure harks back to classical ideals, while the figure from behind has no identity, much like the online socialization we have grown accustomed to.