Book Covers

Abstract design book cover
This is an updated version of a ebook cover design I did for a client. The book deals with Mediums, so the goal was to create an abstract icon to reference the 'beutiful unknown'.
Abstract design book cover
The was the first design I showed the client for the book. It was agreed upon that while the design worked as a whole, it didn't quite capture the essence of what the client was writing about.
Abstract design book cover
This is the version the client chose to use for her book. The client liked the abstract design and felt it worked because the icon appeared more natural.
thrifted bookcover design
This was an ebook cover design I did for a client. I wanted to convey the clients passion for the 'retro', as well as the excitement and fun of thrifting.
SAIJ cover design where the letters 'S' and 'A' are stacked on top of the letters 'I' and 'J' with the University of Phoenix logo underneath
SAIJ (Southern Arizona Intercollegiate Journal) cover design for the University of Phoenix.
Illustration/Design for a UofA arts magazine
This is an altered version of an already exhisting project that I decided to update.